Intro-subtle waving noise.
break into fast paced music,

Listen up my friend this is not the end,
somethings going down,
Face the facts and crush the course,
somethings going down and for the worse,
we don't have to follow every given path.

Some say up and some say down i choose left to go around,
all the crap they try to stuff in my head,
but whats with all the numbers and all the frivilties,
that seem to float at every turn,
Shut up and face the facts again,
this worlds gonna never stop turning,
I know for once where my road leads in the end,

I'm tired of finding new ways,
to shut up and save face on bad days,
in this world that holds no truths anyways,
Every womans got a lie sewn on her lips,
every guy couldn't give two single sh*ts,
and now I know for real,

Face the facts and blow it all away,
run through every single day,
screaming at the top of your lungs its ok,
because its all for real those feelings that you feel,
they'll one day be thrown back to you,
and on your own,
you'll find the ground to stand,
hit the dirt and just continuing running,
so you'll stand,
all the crowds of people jeering,
fighting off the words their spearing,
up at you,
now you know you are above them,
and thats all that you can say about it in the end.

really qyuickly threw that together (I had a very bad day today) It needs major tweaking im sure but I'm in no mood to check it myself so if any of you mind helping that would be great.
"Hey bro what are you doing?"
"I'm trying to call god!"
"I dunno but its kinda pointless, no one ever picks up."