Hey thats pretty cool, very clean recording. Nice tone. It has an interesting feel to it. the part around 1:20 sounds really cool haha

check out my 'new metal song' if ya want
not bad sonny-jim

just one thing, did you come up with that little lick around 1:03, or did you borrow it from "In the Fire"
I loved the harmonized parts - same thing with the bends, though - keep bending up. It sounded pretty classically influenced. Some of the leads did sound familiar to me too. Did you borrow any of those leads? I liked the ascending tapping, and the part after it, and the harmonized part. The background guitar was cool, too. Is that a backing track or did you make it? The harmonized parts were my favorites. I thought this was good, but could be a little more interesting/emotional. Just work on the bends and emotion and it will be awesome. Good job. Mind critting mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=522091
thanks everyone,
The background guitar is not a backing track, i came up with and recorded that riff first and tried humming along different possibilities until I came up with something i liked, then translated it to the guitar, and thus, into the lead harmonized parts.

I also thought the bends were a bit off, and i will continue to work on them as they are not my strength, so thank you for noticing the area of needed improvement!

Finally, thanks Rapid_Fire! i knew that lick sounded really familiar, but it was driving me nuts that I couldnt find where i might have heard it before! ( gotta love that RR united album by the way) i thought it fit nicely so i decided to leave it in regardless. However you are right and as this is only a first draft i plan on extending and improving this track and i will remove that lick and come up with something else, thanks for noticing.

Thanks everyone for the feedback and i will crit all your songs asap.