ya a bass+talkbox combo sounds awesome, a frampton talkbox is about 100 dollers (peter framptons custom) im pretty sure it works through a bass but you may wanna check but if anything just look up specs online talkboxes are hella cheap to make, i made one myself for under 20 dollers with minimal problems.
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that's pretty cool
sounds like a combo of a wah filter with an envelope filter at the same time with both being exaggerated.

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someone once told me that the bass frequencies in a talkbox would virtually ruin your mouth, so I never tried it.

But if you buy one and it works, lemme know. Cause I've wanted to do this millions and millions of times.
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hmm.. i may build one (or at least try one) as a test and see if it rattles my teeth to hell.. i shall report back when i do.
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i remember reading somewhere that david gilmour hated using it becuase his teeth always got shocked or rattled. ----- but my god was it worth it, his talk box stuff was awsome. ne ways on a bass....i dunno....sounds kinda limited, when it hit the lower frequencies i don't think it would sound very good
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The small driver size in talkboxes aren't really conducive to working well with basses. The high frequencies will be affected, but the low end really isn't modulated that much. I've heard a couple local bassists try it, and it generally sounded like shit, unless they were playing quite high/slapping. And yes, it would hurt your mouth like crazy at higher volumes; I've had the fortune of trying one with guitar, and even the low E was a tad painful when the amp was turned up.

I'd like to build a talkbox with a bigger driver to see if that helps the low-end response...in theory it could work, but it'd be hard to pull off.
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