is it possible to do it on accoustic is it that much differnt on a electric
cause i dont' ahve a electric yet 5 more sleeps but yea whats the differnece
I practice sweeping on my acoustic all the time, its good, it makes you far cleaner and more accurate if you practice it on acoustic, as it is alot harder to hit the notes cleanly.... What sort of electric are you getting??? Where in australia are you from?
Have you tryed out other guitars??? Dont listen to what half the people say on this sight, "OMG FENDER STRATOCASTERS SUCK" etc.... Seriously if i were you id look for a nice strat, there great for sweeping, plus far more versitile then any jackson.... If you dont belive me they are good for sweeping listen to Malmsteen...
go for a strat with a humbucker, or maybe some form of Japanese metal guitar
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