Well, i guess its pretty but since if its real TORTISE SHELL then, thats quite rare i would imagine since its illigal now.

Or, because its old lol.
It's a Fender and it's old, I guess.

Seriously, learn to spell.
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Man, you even got the melody right. +1000000 points.

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^thats a brilliant call. *jots in notebook*
If that's as old as it says, then that's why.
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Its old and original and appears to be in good condition--nuff said.

It looks like the seller has literally pulled apart a whole P bass (or several P basses) and is selling it off by parts. There is something a bit sad about that.
That's not expensive at all. Real Fender replacement pick-guards are $85 at a store I go to from time to time.

Keep in mind '59 Gibson Les Paul PAF pickups sell themselves for $15,000 a set. I'm actually surprised how low that price is.
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