I'm sure there have been threads with this name before but ah well

What is the worst accident you have experienced in your life?

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I think stone is either 7 or 14 lbs

Edit I'm gonna go with 14 because it's rather unlikely you're 56 pounds

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sounds like....u need a...

Not much originality.

I'd have to say, not doing things I should've. Or making a typo and having to edit it LOL!

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I think stone is either 7 or 14 lbs

Edit I'm gonna go with 14 because it's rather unlikely you're 56 pounds

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sounds like....u need a...

Falling off a cliff, getting my pants ripped off on a tree branch, getting hit by a jetliner, then falling into a pit of used condoms, all in front of my graduating high school class.
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This is the funniest thing i've ever read on UG.
lespaulrocks39, you sir are awesome.
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Dude, you're an 05er and you didn't see that post before you entered the thread.


I got in a car accident... 4 years ago now. Doesn't seem like that long.

Anyway, I was in the hospital for 4 days, and I peed blood. My insides all got smashed by the momentum and my kidneys and intestines were bruised. But I didn't have to get surgery or anything, and there was no serious damage, just "moderate."

We were going 55 when we hit!
I was pretending to be a werewolf one time and I crashed right through the window on my friend's front door.
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I've had tiny ones in my mouth and accidentally swallowed a bit of the liquid, you should be all right.
Ive ran through a closed glass door... got cut pretty badly... but then again who hasnt?

EDIT: Oh yeah i was once running away from my brother and went to run out the screen door , turn the handle at the same time and keep running , but the door was locked so i ran into it and broke my nose...

ive got plenty more... yeah i hurt myself alot
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Getting pushed into a marble wall and breaking my front 2 teeth
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I was riding along on my bike, (this was when i was younger, when i could still legally ride on the footpath, or 'sidewalk',) and i was going down a gutter. So i did the whole pull-up-your-handle-bars and jump your bike kinda thing.
Turns out the quick release on my front tires was crook. Anyway, the last thing i remember is pulling up on my handle bars, and then i wake up with blood running down my arms, face and legs, my bike on the ground next to me, the wheel another couple meters away. What happened was the front wheel came off, and the spokes went straight into the ground. I then went head-over heels straight onto my face... I'm not sure how long i was out for, but my bike's wheel had stopped moving and the blood on my leg had reached my ankle.
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Falling backwards off a table and hitting my head on the edge of another table which nearly split my head open (exaggeration in progress), I was bleeding like a stuck pig and had so many stitches I lost count....
last semester my video production class was standing in the studio learning how to 3 point light, and I fainted and hit the concrete floor face first and split my bottom lip completely in two Still don't know how to 3 point light.
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Fell off stairs several times when I was a child(5 or 4)I hit my head against concrete floor from about 3 or 4 feet above at the monkey bars and got knock out.That actually happened two times in the same monkey bar .Broken nose by raming in to someones forehead.Not that bad.
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so far ummm...
we were in gym class one day..
and it was the end of the period almost and i decided to race my friend....he takes his shoes off and i dont.
so we go as fast as we can
and of course he has no traction in socks on a wooden gym floor running as fast as he can
so..we reach the end of the gym and i turn around to come back, he trys to turn around but cant stop and smacks face first into a brick wall....broke his nose and eye socket.
and im running back and i trip, fall on my two front teeth, and break em to the nerves
so i got to be a vampire for a day
well like 3 months ago me and 2 friends were driving to my house to pick up my bass, and my dumbass friend was listening to shitty power metal cranked up.
he was out of control. it was disgusting. going 50. swerving on some wide ass road. we flipped. hahahahaha. car totaled. full varial flip. back on its wheels. it was awesome.

edit: oh yeah. we told the cops we were dodging a dog. hahahaha. we could've died.
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Hmm this should be a good list...
Alright when I was younger like 3-4 yrs old I pulled a chair onto my face split my left eyebrow open got stitches for that then a few weeks later took a ride down some steps on a little three wheeler thing got some stitches in my right eyebrow this time.

In 4th grade while playing football at recess got into a pile up fractured my right knee.

Umm about 4-5 years ago being th helpful person I am was asked by someone to help them load a very heay bed into the back of a pickup well I guess there was a big steel bar above me well we get the bed into the truck the ****er comes down and cracks me in the top of my skull. At first I didnt realize it I just grabed my head real quick and then felt what i thought was sweat bc it was summer time so yeah, well I take my hand off my head and look and its was completely covered in blood. So the dude I was helping ****ing leaves, I go into my grandpas apartment , meanwhile there is blood dripping down my face. So I go in and wash out the cut in my head. I dont know if it was smart or not but I didnt go to the hospital. I had a 2 inch long cut on my head and it was kinda deep. But w/e

And the last injury Ive gotten from an accident happened last summer. I was lifting a bag out of the trunk of a car and put to much weight on my left knee and heard like 3-4 cracks and then almost fall and I look at my knee and the my knee cap was off to the left. Was ****ing gross. lol I thought my sister was gonna feint bc I couldnt tell her whta happened bc it hurt so bad so i just lifted my leg up and showed her. Well thats all so far lol.
got knocked down playing basketball during 10th grade gym class and fractured my wrist in like 2-3 places. wasnt that serious though. just had to wear a cast for like 3 weeks.
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I'm sure there have been threads with this name before but ah well

What is the worst accident you have experienced in your life?

I crapped my pants at work once. Had to fart, let it go and totally crapped in my pants. had to ditch my underwear and go commando for the rest of the day.
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There are these steps by the legislative building that go down with the walls beside them remaining at the same height. Well it had just started to rain and I was tired from a run I had just completed and we decided to balance on this wall. Well needless to say I fell off. It was a grand total of 10 feet onto concrete. My face was pretty messed up along with my arm and leg ... my whole body. I should have died but I guess it's not in the plan for me to die yet.
When I was in second grade, I leaned over the arm of our couch too far, and it flipped. The arm actually pushed into my teeth, causing them to cut up below my bottom lip really bad; I almost threw up, just from seeing so much blood coming out of me (I ran to the bathroom.) I ended up getting out of it with just a fat lip, though.

I was also in a car accident when I was 10 or so; the airbag cover-thing on the passenger side gave me a nice little slash across my jaw, but again, nothing serious.
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got knocked down playing basketball during 10th grade gym class and fractured my wrist in like 2-3 places. wasnt that serious though. just had to wear a cast for like 3 weeks.

It's serious for a guitarist!
alright so this was in the summer of 8th grade and i was crusing down some hills on my longboard, when i finally make it to one just outside my neighborhood which is about a mile long and is on a 30% grade. i being the idiot i am decide that im gonna try and go straight down it with no brakes. needless to say i didnt see one little tiny rock on the pavement. it ended up locking up my wheel and sending me flying through the air and i ended up breaking both of my wrists in both bones, and completely covering my face in massive road rash.
have i learned my lesson? no. i still skate down that hill
I think worst I ever seen was my brother jumping over a fence, his shoulders going too far back, and breaking his back. You couldn't actually see anything wrong, but he was in agony, lost the use of his legs and so we took him to the hospital. Turns out he'd trapped a nerve in the upper part of his back, crecked his spine in the lower. He can walk now, but still has problems and it was pretty scary.

Worst I've ever had is either jumping down a step, and falling on my foot sideways so I snapped the ligaments, or jumping through some trees, landing funny and cracking my growth plate in my wrist. I'm pretty accident-free.
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I've never hurt myself that bad.

Watching a woman run herself over a die in front of her mother wasn't nice.
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playing football there was a goalmouth scramble my own goalkeeper went to punch the ball but got the side of my head instead, the ball dropped and a striker smacked it straight into my balls from point blank range and as i fell to the floor the ball was near me and a team mate kicked me full on in the face. I lost two teeth and needed 8 stitches in my head but the pain in my balls numbed the rest. The real bastard was i got so much blood in my hair it went all matted an i had to get it all cut off! That was the most physical and emotional pain i've ever had an they both came at once....

Broke my nose a few times, couple of weeks ago the pitch resembled a boar's wallow an me an my team mate both ran for the ball, the ball stuck still he tripped and head cracked straight in my face.
And last year played in a lads v dads game, i jumped up to win a header, got it an a split second later the other guy jumped and also head butted me in the face. If i didnt play sport it wudn't happen but then id get fat
Lonnnng story, so I'll keep it short. My buddies g/f is a month older then him and has a bunch of random gray hairs coming in (don't ask me why, cause I don't know). So anyways, as a joke, I started calling her a cougar because she's sooooo old (gray hair.. get it?). Anyways, one night at a campfire, I made a couple jokes.... okay so a lot of jokes, and my buddy lunges at me. We're joking around wrestling for a bit and all the sudden I know something when bad. My knee was totally locked. So, after a bit I got it to bend and straighten, but I ended up tearing my cartilage. Not so fun! Apparently though, it would have happened eventually according to the doctor. So now it's not in absolutely great condition, but doesn't quite warrant surgery (which I could always get later, so I decide I'm tired of it). However, in general it's not too bad, it just occasionally gets a little bit of pain for half a day maybe once a month.
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