I've been interested in these amps for a while and i just need to know a couple of things.

What is the difference between the VC15 and the LC15
Can they handle Pedals Well?
How are their cleans?
i haven't tried the lc15, but judging by the lc30, the lc's sound a bit more like a fender, with a more modern american-style overdrive channel, the vc sounds more british, a little like a vox.
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The VCs warmer, better for low-mid gain blues/classic rock, and tbh, over-all better quality, more versatile and nicer than the LC, has a nice warm thick clean channel.
The LC's brighter, better for high gain, it has nice bright fendery cleans.
They both handle pedals wonderfully.
I think the VC15 is a bit more expensive. But well worth it.
I haven't played any of the VC series, but from what I've heard/the fact it is an emulation of a vox I wouldn't really have said that a LC series is brighter than a VC series amp, especially considering the LC series has a fairly dark voicing. Although there is the bright switch on the clean channel, goes orgasmically well with my tele.
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