Ok, so ive been told that you are meant to use Speaker wire on guitar amps to connect the head to the cab. But when I went over to my drummers house, he said you can use a normal guitar lead, which i had heard it damages them. Can someone clear this up for me.

And also, he also said for PA speakers you need sepaker wire with 1 tip and the other bare wires. I don't understand this because on my PA we have the Speaker wire with tips on each end and it works, and ours has proper inputs, so i cant see where the wire could possibly go. So can someone also explain this. Thanks
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You have to use real speaker cables, since the signal is alot stronger than that coming from a guitar. Otherwise, you'll fry the cable, that leading to the amp head being without a load, which in turn will fry the head itself.
Yeah, thats what I thought. Good thing I didn't listen, because he was also saying it's alright to carry tube amps around as soon as theyre turned off but scorching hot. He also said you don't need to let them warm up! Well, that's drummers for you, and i told him he was wrong and didn't listen to him.

And what about on a SS amp head, if thats on when theres no cable in it will it damage it, or is it just tube amps?
Solid state amps are a little more robust than tube amps in that regard. They (especially the transformers) can take a bit more punishment.
Yeah, well it looks like id better go and make a few more leads in the near future.
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