Hey could you keep my friend and myself in your thoughts/prayers/dreams

Hey,I was wondering if you could keep my absolute best of friends Natalie and myself in your thoughts,prayers and any other sort of help you may be able to provide. I may be an Atheist but I'll take any help I can get. Wondering why I'm reaching out to the UG community for this? Well,let me explain this through.

See Natalie is my best friend of 3 years plus who I happened to meet through an online gaming league for Battlefield 1942 and we became instant friends because we were attracted to each other's mature view on the world and our passionate love of music and this continued to develop over the years we knew each other. Every day I found out something new about her and it kept matching up exactly to myself and every day I found out exactly how well matched we were for each other. We have this special and hard to explain power of being able to emotionally heal each other if we've had a bad day. As the years flew by we've become closer and closer to each other and we've formed a bond of trust between ourselves that is absolutely priceless to me and her. Her and I have nearly the same music tastes and over the past 3 years theres never been a song that I've sent her that she hasn't liked.

Her parents are very very protective of her and have gone so far as taking her computer privileges away from her because they found out she had friends that she only knew through online means. I won't elaborate on her parents but needless to say they are very very very protective of their children. She lives in New York City which is pretty close to Troy,which is where I live,and so about a month and a half we visited each other and it was pure magic. Never before have I been in the presence of someone and felt the way I did except when I was around her and she echoed my same sentiments to see each other again very shortly. Shortly before this since her computer privileges had once again been revoked though not due to any of her doings but rather one of her sisters and due to this we decided to start talking to each other on the phone and it was just sort of this amazing uplifting experience to hear a caring voice on the end of the line who would listen to what I had to say for hours and then she would turn around and tell me of her troubles and I'd just sit there,listening to every word and calming her down.

During usual college days I'd have these dead times from 3:30-5:00 and other times where I'd just call her up,lay in my bed,feet perched upon the ceiling and just talk the night away with her and I can't tell you how good it felt to fall asleep right after talking to her and feeling my soul replenished and cleansed and I swear as I drifted off to sleep I could feel part of her spirit near me,keeping me safe for the next day.

This continued until one fateful day when she told me that she'd want me to call her around 7:30 or later and as I was leaving the dining hall at 6:45 I received a call from her cell phone with her father on the other line who was none too pleased and basically told me off saying how "she didn't deserve" being in a long distance relationship(we're merely very good friends)and that "she didn't deserve this nor do you deserve her" and how he wanted me to sever all contact with his daughter immeadiately or risk legal action. I told him that I would be more than willing to answer any questions he may have about me to try to get to know me better and he said "We don't want to know about you,nor do we care about you" and that hurt me deeply. I was then transferred to her mother who seemed even angrier with me,called me a stalker and threatened to have me arrested by the appropriate authorities when all I've been doing is talking to my dear friend. Needless to say as polite and accomodating as I tried to be they just wouldn't hear me out and wouldn't even honour my requests to talk to Natalie just so I could say my final good byes. The last thing I heard before the line went dead was the gentle sobbing of my dear friend in the background.

That was a month ago and I only received two messages from her,dated directly after the occurance,stating that if she was caught talking to me again that her parents would lock her up in her room. I feel terribly since she's 18 and a legal adult and a dear dear friend of mine.

My parents,in the next few days,are going to make an attempt to get in touch with her parents and try to clear this entire misunderstanding up so that hopefully I can talk to my precious friend again. I've spent many many nights crying and in anguish over this because if you've ever lost a friend you've cared for with your entire heart to whatever cause or reason you know how much it hurts.

So please,I ask of you not to criticize my actions or condemn my solution but just please keep Natalie and I in your thoughts,prayers,dreams or whatever positive mental manifestation may come to you.

I wish to be with my dear friend once again one of these days and I'm calling on all of you for your help if you would be so gracious as to provide it.


- Michael
Too long didn.....

Yeah I will, but not that it will do much.

edit: okay I read it, that sucks, good luck.

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Is that even legal? Either way, I do hope you and Natalie get through this, somehow.

Murder her parents
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If this is serious (seems that it is), then I wish you luck man. However, if she is 18, what can her parents really do?? I mean, unless you do something really bad, you should be ok (unless they plan on kicking her out or something).
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Seems like you were pretty mature about it. I feel your pain man. Agnostic is probably closest denomination you can throw me, but if there's a God out there that cares about thoughts and wishes, I'm sending you a few.
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im just glad nobody has flamed you yet for this, i definitely thought about it any how hope it all works out, i may not pray about it seens how i haven't prayed about more inportant stuff in a really long time, but i do hope those parents of hers grow up and stop treating here like that Kerry bitches parents (creepy ass movie)
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Jesus Christ =\


Well, I don't pray or any of that, but I'll give you a best of wishes that this all works out fine. Her parents sound like outright monsters. Honestly, I find it hard to believe something like locking up their daughter is even legal.

Hope your parents can work this out with hers, mate.

Best of luck.
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hah, man, I don't knwo about American laws . But you're friend should try and leave home, not just for you, but for herself. Jeez, some parent's are retards.
Good luck mate.
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Jesus Christ =\
Honestly, I find it hard to believe something like locking up their daughter is even legal.

Nope, she could actually sue them for that.
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so you want us to pray that you can get in touch with her again?

i thought this was gonna be about cancer or something.

anyway they wont get very far with legal action, as you are NOT stalking her lol.

just call her up. ignore the parents, they obviously don't want their daughter to be happy for some reason.
aww.. how sad

people can be so cruel...

Hopefully it will all work out for you... good luck
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That's really too bad. It sounds like your friends parents have absolutely no trust in her and are unable to reason, which sucks, but hopefully when they hear an older adult echoing your (mature and reasonable) point of view, they might change their tune.

I don't pray, so I guess crossing my fingers will have to do. =/

Edit: Wow, you're both over 18 too. The parents REALLY suck. Nonetheless, while you may have no hope of reasoning with them, who knows, she might get through to her parents in the meantime.
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best wishes dude. At 1st i thought she would be dieing but this is still pretty bad. Just ask them what is it you have done that is illegal and tell them they doubt there case would hold up in any court in your country or any other. But yeh tell her to come live with you or something.
I thought one of you might be dying or something. But I shall pray to the Buddha. Ohmmmmmm.
Softy!... nah, i feel sorry for ya, if my best friends parents told me i could never see their kid again id go nuts. Good luck!
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good luck dude for you and ya lady.

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she's 18, like you said she's legal. shouldnt she be able to make decisions for herself? wtf her parents are whack. ill be praying to spongeboob squaretits
If she is 18, even if she lives in their house, they cannot legally lock her up, so to speak.
You're both adults, you both have lives, it's stupid that parents will interfere with you guys' shit, it is no longer their business, and they should know by now, that their kid is going to have relationships (and you guys aren't even in one for christ's sake).
I dunno how you dealt with her parents like that, I wouldn't be able to keep that cool and collected when hearing such bull.

I hope everything works out, but worst-case scenario, she's bound to be close to moving out anyway, and they can't stop her from moving out, nor can they control what she does with who when she moves out.
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That sucks man, I hope it all gets cleared up. Keep us updated!
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my best friend died 2yrs ago and man it hurts ('specially when you're 13/14)
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Things will work out, dont stress too much on it bruh, her parents are just one of "those" people who believe every internet person is a sexual predator, they are very very paranoid people, afraid people. You and Natalie are mature and crazy (as you seem mature & crazy by coming to UG). I wont pray for you, but I'll tell you it will work out fine, hmm after all the parent drama maybe you and Natalie will get together

I have a lady friend who is my life, I cant imagine life without her...just glad her dad likes me, more than his own sons lol
I feel sorry for you man. I would think that she would be moving out of her home asap. That's what I would do. For now you are in my prayers.
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Murder her parents


Not really, that was a creepy thing for me to say. Um, but yeah, her parents sound like real jerk offs. I don't think I would of been as calm as you were, I probably would of freaked out and called her mother a stupid ***** or something.
I'd call the cops about that! What they are doing is illegal, and they have no authority over a legal adult!
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That sucks, I can't imagin my best friend dying..

and i cant even explain it, but it just leaves a void there
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