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by what do you refer to when you say 'emo' though?

EDIT: who's even calling it punk?
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Quote by kryptonite22
by what do you refer to when you say 'emo' though?

he's/she's/it's probably thinking of my chemical romance or something.

really needs to get a clue.
nobody gives a **** about emo anymore. get over it.
and if you HAVE to know www.fourfa.com
that should clear up anything.
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This thread should be renamed "How Emo and Punk are in no way Alt or Indie"

Isn't there like a whole forum called "Emo" and "Punk" that this could have been sat in?
um...useless thread? and...in the wrong forum.

but you're new, so i suppose there's some slack to be cut.

but...that doesn't change the fact that it's a useless and trite argument on the whole. you can grit your teeth at the idea of it, but you just have to learn to tolerate it. complaining about it doesn't make you any more punk (nor more of an intelligent sounding punk either).
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I like:

Phobos (he oozes cool)

Misfits and AC/DC Covers + original recordings (jazz/punk, hardcore, "shredish").
Well, if you look at the 80s and 90s emo music you'll actually find that it is based hugely on the hardcore punk sound, so you're wrong, and I'm closing this shit.
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