Hey I was just wonderin what people have to say about it and if anybody owns one...btw I think I'm lookin for one if anybody is lookin to get rid of one pm me about specs.
Get a Classic Player, they should be much better, but the price is a bit higher too. I'm ordering my CP60s from Germany.
they are pretty good. u get gold hardware, s-1 switching, a few other things. nothing much more than the other classic strats in the same price range.

mines a MIA, and i like the tonal changes in the stock SCNs. but ive heard that the MIM players strat, is less versatile. clicking the S-1 doesnt seem to make as big a difference.

they also have light ash strats, and highway 1 MIA strats, near the same price.

if u like the look of the deluxe then go for it.
i swapped the pickguard on mine, not liking the tortoise and white combo.

i swapped it for the white guard off my MIM. deluxe on the left.

depends what ur looking for in a strat. style of play, looks, bridge, neck shape, ect.

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aye, it's not really s1 switching in the DP, it just brings the bridge pickup in with the neck and middle.

I'm not too fussed... I'd rather have a highway one for the same money, or just a normal MIM and save cash... you aren't getting too much, IMO, for the extra outlay...
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If you save 80 bucks you could get a Carvin Bolt with a trem, which is about 2307597436092384290850329 times better.

They aren't bad, though.

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its a good guitar and i bought it for the price of a regular old MIM strat. for 600 its not really worth it but for 430 its a solid deal. i ended up changin the pickguard and pickups but the rest was fine. still, if I had the money at the time, I woulda gotten a carvin bolt.
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