Is it worth it getting a VOX pathfinder 15r (which is $250 AUSD) or should i just get a VOX Pathfinder 10 (which is $150 AUSD).
i got two voxed but mi fav is mi vox valvetronix its nice but if u only have the choice between VOX pathfinder 15r or a VOX Pathfinder 10 if u can go the the place where they sell em n if u can have a little go of each then make ur decision
but if u can pitch in da extra dough n get a pathfinder 15r
i have to say, when in germany with my school - music trip. i was using a pathfinder 15r in rehearsals, and ended up using it for the concert we did at the end of the trip - it was seemingly incredibly loud for a 15 watter, it was coping with drums 2 trumpets and a piano and i could still be heard at the back of the medium sized (maybe 200 people) auditorium. not only was it loud, the tone i got from it was pretty damn good for an extremely cheap practice amp. i cannot speak higly enough of the amp from the 3/4 days i spent playing through it. if i could i would've brought it home and through my then only amp (MG15) out of my window. great tone, loud, looks awesome (as gutch mentioned) and its damn cheap. i'd say go for a 15r if you can. you won't be dissapointed
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