I bought this tailpiece as an upgrade to my stock Epiphone Les Paul custom tailpiece. Bought it from here http://www.thomann.de/gb/tonepros_t1zsg_gold_tailpiece_metric.htm

I can't seem to be able to fit it into the body of the guitar it would seem the gold inserts in the guitar will not take the screws of the tailpiece. I'm disappointed by this as Thomann advertise it as fitting most asian guitars without modification (mine of course is asian). I guess that's the catch that it fits "most" asian guitars. The tailpiece isn't any wider or anything so I wouldn't think I've bought the wrong one.

Has anyone had any experiences with this kinda thing? I got the Tonepros TBTG bridge and that fits perfectly, although the saddles need doing as they have no grooves for the strings.

Thanks for any help/advice.