Hey guys I was wondering what the best guitar tuners are no matter the cost...I hear they are Grover tuners? Any comments?
i dunno, but ive heard schaller locking tuners are pretty damn good, particularly because they are locking
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I'm a fan of Sperzel's, but the quality control isn't too great. Inspired by mine, my friend got a dud set, and had to replace them.

Still, anything that allows you to divebomb with a strat bridge and stay in tune has my vote.
Sperzel locking tuners, ftw.

Gotohs are better than Grovers, in my opinion.

Gibson Klusons suck ass.

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The best tuners I have ever tried are waverly but they are not good enough to be worth $250 a set. I really like schaller M6 tuners the gold with ebony buttons are particularly nice. Steinberger tuners are also very nice, but they are ugly.

Grovers are not that great. They used to use a plastic washer that would wear out after a few years. I don't know if they still do.
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waverly tuners are 250 a set? wow thanks for the help guys...any more suggestions are welcome