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>1.0mm picks
47 36%
1.0mm picks
32 24%
25 19%
18 14%
9 7%
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EDIT: I forgot .88mm picks... DAMMIT!

Since the beginning, I've favored Dunlop Tortex 1.0mm picks, the blue ones, for my Epiphone and Dunlop Jazz III's for my Strat. I have had a hard time getting my alternate picking in Cradle of Filth songs like 'Funeral in Carpathia' and 'The Smoke of Her Burning' to sound quite right; generally, it sounds sloppy and unorganized. It's also rather difficult, and tiring, and I often have to compensate by picking hard, which strains my forearm, shortening my endurance. Anywho, a while ago I used a Dunlop .88mm Nylon, and the little ****er made it much easier to alternate pick! I could suddenly play those CoF riffs cleanly, and for a longer duration. I am sure I use terrible technique in alternate picking, as I haven't practiced before, but I picked up a Fender thin today, and wow, I can alternate pick so much better now! Not only does it take much less straining, I can pick more cleanly, and faster, more accurately. The tone has even improved.

This gets me to wondering: what pick gauges do you prefer? Also, what gauges for alternate picking? Am I just a big pussy? Am I on to something here? Do I suffer from poor technique? Does the straining issue go away with practice? There is no question in my mind that a thicker pick is preferable for the more brutal bluesy, SRV kind of stuff, but when I'm playing the blues, it sounds better somewhat sloppy. When I'm playing a metal riff, I sound like a putz if I start muddling notes and making little mistakes. I could still get a good lead tone for standard soloing using this Fender thin, however the pick is already somewhat damaged, which is not terribly good. What do you say?
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As thick as you can go comfortably is usually better. Will give you a beefier sound and give you better attack response. The more the pick bends the less energy that would be transfered to the string.

Thicker pick should be better for alternate picking since it won't bend and then need to recover. I suppose it's personal preferance though in the end. Just keep practicing it I think and find what works for YOU.
^ I get what you're saying, but this Fender thin isn't bending so much that it's getting me into trouble. It's not so thick that I have to put more effort into the attack; on the contrary, it's so thin that it takes almost no effort, and allows me much greater speed while being comfortable. I love the Jazz III's, but it takes a lot of effort to alternate pick with them at high speeds for extended periods of time.
Im using 3 mm stubbys
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0.88 or 0.73 for me
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Jazz III is where it's at for me.
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I like my 1.14 mm dunlops. Not quite sure why 1.14 is the magic number though.

Me too, I've been using those little purple suckers for like 20 years. They don't chip like the Fender Heavy's my band's other guitarist uses.
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Get a better technique before blaming your picks.

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I use the thinnest of girly picks for anything at all.

Ever for past picking and stuff.

I bend it to a C shape when playing to make it more rigid.
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cheap ass .81's

I tried tonnes of others but these just work for me, not too much give in them but still enough to get the right dynamics on my attack...and they're cheap.
I use dunlop JAZZ III picks,not sure there thickens but i cant use nothin else but them anymore..
i don't use one :P i win.
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I play mostly acoustic, so I use the thinnest picks I can get because I like their percussiveness (new word) more than thick ones. (Red Everly Stars)

When playing my electrics, I usually use a medium sized thumb pick.
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Whatever Black Jazz 3's are..

Best pick ever.
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I thought it was weird, but the new GuitarOne devoted like 4 or 5 pages to the Dunlop Jazz III's (black and red). You guys that use them are in good company, including Joe Bannamassa, John Petrucci, Alexi Laiho, Mark Tremonti. They're too small for my taste but these guys all swear by them.
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1mm ultex, sooo much better then tortex.

Anything above 1mm feels too bulky to me and I can't string skip and sweep as smoothly.
Like this hasnt been done 584334587433 times...

But yeah. .73 Dunlop Nylons.

And there is no BETTER or WORSE picks, ouchies...its all opinion.
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Like this hasnt been done 584334587433 times...

But yeah. .73 Dunlop Nylons.

And there is no BETTER or WORSE picks, ouchies...its all opinion.

meh thats what i meant.. "imo"
Well I would have voted for 88mm since those are what I use and all. Dunlop tortex, green, to be exact.
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I'm a big fan of the Dunlop .6mm nylon picks... It feels perfect.
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I use inch thick picks cause my strings are inch thick too and i need one that big to play them.
I just bought these cool new pics from my small local music store ther 1.5mm i wanted to shrink the size of my picks in diameter but still the same thickness so i found these and its cool because they have like grip tape on them, and i love these because when i play my hand starts to get sweaty and im constantly drying my hand a pick, but now that i have this no need for drying anymore. My speed increased with these (slightly) and no more drying my picks, its a nifty little thing.

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i dont use picks.... i use my finger nails... wahaha

nahh.... i use Jazz III they're great,.. i got hmmm 77 pieces of them... wahahahah
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Dunlop U.S.A. 1.5 mm

I also use Dunlop Nylon .60, .73, .88, 1.0, and smaller than .50 for acoustic stuff.
fingers! (i'd use fingerpicks if there was a way to make em actually stay on!)

when the fingers get sore, i resort to orange tortex...
Orange Tortex (.60 i believe). I used the yellow ones for awhile, but Im liking the thinner picks better.
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