Sorry for double posting, but some interested parties might not have picked up this reply to another thread.

Here are some before and after sounds from my AD50VT. The before sounds are with the stock tube, the after sounds are with a Mesa tube.

All recordings were made with a home computer and a simple computer microphone placed in front of the amplifier speaker. Take it for what it's worth, but I'm not jumping for joy about the change. Subtle at best. I have yet to decide if I like it better or not.

Gibson Sonex 180 Delux
Gibson Les Paul Studio Premium Plus
Vox AD50VT
Gibson Sonex 180 Delux
Gibson Les Paul Studio Premium Plus
Vox AD50VT
There is very little difference at all, i can tell a slight difference on the ac15 and numetal models...sounds a bit better but the rest is pretty much the same.
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I can tell a big difference in mine. A freind of mine bought the AD50VT after he saw me with it, and to see if the mod was really worth it, we put both up next to each other, Put it on the same settings on each amp model, and there was a big difference in all of the models, especially the UK models (more signature Marshall crunch and roar) and the AC30 setting, it now sounds like Brian May. All of the amps now sound like real tube amps now, you can actually hear the notes distorting as you alter your attack and have singing overdrive, it just sounds so good now. This guy bought the AD50 as a cool practice amp, but he has been using tubes for a long time, and he agrees that this is so close to real tube sound now, he can barely tell the difference.


Maybe its the bad sound quality but i cant really hear any difference, like above there is a very slight difference in numetal and ac15 but i just cant hear it.
Well, I agree the sound quality may be bad, but to my ear, sitting right in front of the amp, there is very little difference.

The confusing part of this is that some people actually claim great results when changing tubes. Others claim little change. I wonder why. I believe that maybe those who see improvements might originally have a bad tube.
Gibson Sonex 180 Delux
Gibson Les Paul Studio Premium Plus
Vox AD50VT