I have Peavy Valveking, I use it with a multi-fx and a wah.

I not long ago, bought a Danelector Fab Chorus, but I sent it back becouse it produced a wired low buzzing sounds. The guy said there was nothing wrong with it but he gave me a refund.

The other day I borrowed some pedals from the other guitarist in my band, and the same problem happend, a low buzzing sound. It occured on a Boss DS-2 and a Digitech Multi Chorus.

However, I don't have this proble with Multis or wahs.

As this problem happend with three different brands of pedal I am led believe that my amp is the problem, (or possibly my guitar).

WHY COULD IT BE DOING THIS? it would be pretty bad if I found I was confined to my multifx for ever.
afaik theres always a little hum when you connect an od/dst pedal to the circuit. if its not really loud and annoying, its probably normal you can counter that with a noise suppressor.
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It's not just the normal background noise you get with distortion... its this low frequency buzzing, almost like a kind of drone. And it happens with chorus pedals running into the clean channel....
i would go to the store and try the same pedal amp setup and see if it gets the same buzz
yes i am, they were ones desgned for pedals I think. I did find with the Danelectro that I didnt have the problem when using a battery... but I dont want to keep buying batteries
that's a pretty common problem when using the cheaper 9V adapters and a noisey power supply unfortunately. Try using the pedals with batteries, and you should be able to find the culprit, it may only be one of your adapters. Supplies like the Dunlop DC brick are a lot better at not introducing noise, but they cost quite a bit more.
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Now, I think about it, when i was testing with the other guitarist's pedals, his make no noise on his amp, and he is using the same adaptor as when I tested them...
well, easy enough to find out. Test each of your pedals with a battery to see if it helps the noise, then you will know if it's your power supply in your house. Depending on the wiring, you can get noise from anything else running on the circuit, ie appliances, electronics, etc.
"The fool doth think he is wise, but the wiseman knows himself to be a fool." - W.S.
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