Ok, I have a Peavey Valveking amp. I was previously not very happy with it.

However, the other day, I was having a go with the other guitarist in my bands' guitar. It is MIJ Telecaster with EMG single-coils. I plugged it into my amp, and the change was incredible, the distortion was thicher, creamirer, the cleans were well-defined, I immediately switched back to my beloved Squier to check I wasn't hearing things and, the distortion became weak and medicore as it was before.

So anyway, I need to know what caused this change in sound. Was it the fact they were active pups? Was it that they were EMGs, and therefore generally good pickups?

What guitars should I be considering that might help my sound in this way? Most guitars with active pickups seem to be metal orientated, and I play classic rock, blues, indie and alternative.
what you do is....hit him over the head with the squier, then when he wakes up convince him that the tele is yours and that he must have been dreamin that it was his. tell him ur flattered, n all will be fine.

failing that, epi les paul zakk wylde - iss both new guitar and has emg's. failing that buy sum emg's. though im not sure they'll fit into a squier strat if thats what you've got
You don't necessarily need actives, but replacement pickups won't hurt. Chances are the biggest difference was that it had humbuckers instead of single coils. EMG's are better suited to metal and they aren't ideal for what you want to play. I'd say get a replacement pickguard and replace the bridge single with a decent passive humbucker...Seymour duncan Custom Custom would fit the bill nicely. You could probably get by with keeping the stock singles in the neck and middle as I'm guessing you're happy with the sound that they give you, it's just that things are a bit lacking when you want a distorted rhythm sound or squealy solo stuff.
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the problem is that squires suck major ****...did u not know this???? If you like the look/feel of your squire get ureself a real fender strat....probably a fat start as the fact that u had humbuckers on the tele probably helped the sound.
He's probably got EMG SA pickups in it, then. Those are nice pickups.
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DAVID GILMOUR'S guitar(strat) has EMG'S

acc to his technician

It's fitted with EMG-SA active single-coil pickups, an EMG-SPC midrange controller and an EMG-EXG expander which boosts treble and bass.

so IMO customize ur strat

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how a much would a set of EMG SA cost? Cos I could do with getting rid of my squier anyway. There are a few MIM strats around for £250 and then I could put EMGs in them if it isn't tooo pricey.