Is it just me.. or does the JSX look like a XXX with a different grill on it?

It practically looks like the same amp.. plus it's got the same channels.. clean, crunch and ultra.
What do the looks have to do with anything?
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What i'm trying to say is..

Is the JSX basically a XXX with a different look?
They are similar, however the JSX has a few extra features like Resonance and Presence controls and a frequency booster for the Crunch and Ultra channels. Also, the noise gate on the JSX is fully adjustable, while the noise gate on the XXX has just three settings.

EDIT: Miss-read the Peavey site - The dampaner switch on the XXX head is not a noise gate, but a combination of the Presence and Resonance controls. Therefore, the JSX has a noise gate whilst the XXX does not. Also, the JSX has an adjustable Presence and Resonance system whilst the XXX has a simple, three setting system

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