I just had a wierd dream and wrote it down as soon as I woke up....
I usually never remember dreams but this one was very clear.

i was at the airport and looking for my plane and there was some girl that looked like anna and I asked some guy at a desk and he commented about gtr hero 2 because I'd written stuff about gtrs on my ticket and told me where to go then I was on the plane my seat was in between 2 old friendly guys who'd never flown before and they asked me what a runway was and the plane was like a car it was going on the left lane UK style though and there was a runway on the right so I told them what it was and the plane uturned
then I remember I was at the airport, one of the old guys said bye - the other old guy asked if he'd ever see him again and he said no, smiled and left
I asked the other old guy, the only one left, for some contact info, so I aske mom who was at the airport with my aunt for paper
there was lots of stuff on the paper so I gave it to him and I dropped the pen and yelled jimi hendrix, referring to the pen (i guess that was its name), but he picked up another one from moms purse which i was holding and then looked for a spot on the paper which had a lot of sloppy writing on it to write something and he wrote "bmatthews" sloppily and underlined and I asked him for an email address or something but he just left
and then the plane was at like a car type parking lot and I was sitting with mom and my aunt and I realized i didn't have my gtr so I asked mom if I could get it, she said "if you can get it nuclearly"
so I went to get it but all the doors into the airport from there were not friendly, they were like special police, emergency doors and stuff and some guy recognized me apparently and pushed me to the ground and handcuffed me
then some other kind old lady in a desk beyond came, recognizing me as "lisa thornton", unshackled me and asked if there was anything she could do and I said I needed my guitar

then it was 8:30 and I was like omgwtf get out of bed
and it's rly wierd because I usually only remember specific scenes or images from dreams
and anna = some girl I know
lisa thornton = wtf?
and I don't know any B Matthews
b matthews = bernard matthews.
i think its your body trying to subconsciously tell you you have Bird flu.
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Yeah, you definitely have cancer.
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Um...ok. A little tip for you if you wanna remember your dreams. When you wake up, lay completely still for a bit, and you'll be able to remember your dreams a lot better. I learned that in my Psychology class.
Wanna know whats wierd?
I had that SAME dream!
The next day I was kicked by a horse.
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