I use pinch harmonics frequently, I just started playing rhythm with a hardcore, metal,metalcore style band, and the lead guitar player told me that I shouldn't use pinch harmonics because they can blow out an amplifier. Is this completely bogus or what.
So even if Im playing loud as crap nothing like that should happen. thats what I thought, if they blew up amps, then no one would use them.
doesn't sound likely, and if you look at all the pros that us pinch harmonics... besides, I can see no reason why it would happen, and I've never heard or herd of anything like this happening
dude tell your lead player to get his head checked. Have you ever seen Zakk or Dime blow up an amp using pinch harmonics??
**** that shit pinch harmonics rock, course they dont blow the amp.

weould be kool to see zakk blow his amp doing a pinch harmonic.

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Is this guitarist George Bush by any chance?
Dave Mustain has wrote some of the most amazing solos...
That he can't actually play!
Turn it up real loud and see if you can blow your lead players eardrums!
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It's like when people say that running an overdrive through the dirty channel of a valve amp can damage it. It's just not going to happen because the speaker is always put it to take more wattage than the amp can supply for a safety buffer.
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Wow, that guy is a dumbass.
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See if he can PH. If he cannot do so very well, you then know why he told you that non-sense.
if it blew amps, people wouldnt do it, pretty simple

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if he does not post pics, he obviously has installed a pickup and bridge on his house broom for some brutal sweep picking.

All a harmonic is is when the string is plucked or muted in a way that it phases out the orginal note, only letting the harmonic content through... (if that makes any sense, i know what it is, i just don't know how to explain properly). Basically if pinch harmonics were bad for the amp, simply playing the guitar would be bad for it. when you play an ordinary note the harmonic is still there, it's just drowned out by the main frequency of the string movement.
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Quote by Cecil Gonzales
Is this guitarist George Bush by any chance?

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