Ok, i was talking about this with my friends last night:

are there any celebrity deaths that really upset you, or got to you.
usually a celebrity dies and you are a bit shocked, but nobody reeeallly cares, i wanna know if there was any that make people feel a sense of personal loss.

for example, i wasnt alive when jimmi died, and wasnt particularly bothered about kurt, but those two dont strike me as being major wastes. its like the body of work they left behind was enough to happily remember them by.

on the other hand, the two artists deaths that really cut me are bill hicks and brad nowell (sublime).

Hicks because he was finally getting to where he wanted to be, before he died

and Brad Nowell, because there just isnt enough sublime. there should have been more.

how bout you guys?
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Jon lee from feeder. The were my favorite band at the time and i was in complete shock when i hear about his suicide. Well I'll never forget him, he was one hell of a drummer. R.I.P
i guess i'm the first to say, dimebag, that one really hit me hard, i loved his music!!
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now these didnt change my life or depress me but it did suck when tupac died, same as randy rhoads and srv
i'll agree on the subject of brad nowell, although his death was a product of the lifestyle like jimi's was. tragic yes, but you can't deny it was his fault.

stevie ray vaughan on the other hand, took himself out of the whole drug thing and was right where he should have been to continue with a long and productive career and a happy, healthy life, and then he got killed through no fault of his own. now that is a tragedy.

oh yeah, he was old but i still think that Mr. Rogers should have lived forever. i was in high school at the time and even at that age, everyone was depressed.
steve irwin
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SRV for sure.

Steve Irwin also. It genuinley upset me.
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I never had the chance to see Dimebag live and that pisses me off... I wish he was still alive making tours and new albums!
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Jon lee from feeder. The were my favorite band at the time and i was in complete shock when i hear about his suicide. Well I'll never forget him, he was one hell of a drummer. R.I.P

I know all this 'judging people on when they joined' business is a bit old

but you're pretty damn cool for a Mar '07er, Feeder are one of my favourite bands by far

but yeah I mean no celebrity deaths have really got to me I don't think, the only one that comes close that springs to mind is steve irwin last september. I mean I just thought of him as one of those guys that'll always be around

but yeah I remember princess diana died on my mums birthday in 1998, she took it really badly
I'd have to say Steve Irwin, that really got my down. Great guy, it's a shame there's not more like him.
The one that really got me sad, was the death of the Yankees pitcher in that plane crash. I'm personally a Red Sox fan, but he had so much potential and he was so young. That was the one celebrity death I almost cried.
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He only died recently but the original guitaist from Pink Floyd, Syd Barret, went crazy so he couldn't make music, and that sucks. After listening to Piper From The Gates of Dawn he had so much potential.

he still recorded two solo albums after floyd, dude. check out the madcap laughs, it's awesome. but i'd have to say jeff buckley, he was destined for so much more.
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Brian Clough - absolute legend, so sad

Same, as a Forest fan it really was a sad day.

When Marc Vivien Foe died it was pretty sad too.