thats what it looks like were in statesville nc Asking the moon they currently list for $ 209.00 really wood like to get a trade but wood sell and ship for $200.00 in the lower 48 states
They're not currently available, actually (not direct from Rondo, anyway). And retail was 199 plus 14.50ish for shipping -- so 213 new and shipped.


Excellent guitars for the money, but you probably won't get that much for it -- I was able to get a virtually new AL2000 with hardshell case for 160...
I have recently bought an AL 2000 (Feb 07) and find it impressive for a $200 guitar. Don't sell it for less since you can't find them right now; I am considering it myself. Do you still have it?
$100.00 shipped.
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Dude, don't take less than $200 for that guitar.

Why are you selling it?
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I'd offer 120.. tops.
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Quote by MrSandMan
Dude, don't take less than $200 for that guitar.

Why are you selling it?

why? they are like 250 new..... who cares if that color isnt available right now, not like its some sought after guitar or anything
original post was like a month ago... let it go guys....
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