I need help choosing a new bass to play with in my band we play : Rock/Punk/Pop Punk

At the moment i play an epiphone Thunderbird and need a new bass!!!

money up to £900

Thanks neeed to know which ones to look for to try
i would personally suggest a warrick bass, i also play Rock/Punk in my band, but warrick may not suit you depending on how many frets you prefer to use, me am a 24 fret guy.
You have two choices if you want a punk sound.

Fender P bass
MM Stingray

Stingrays have an uber powerful humbucker which has lots of punch and a good attack and the P bass gives you the punk sound of the 70s.

I would tend to lean to the P bass because of it's history. Most of the bands you'll be covering or trying to capture their tone as part of your own will use a P bass or a Stingray.

Stingrays are more expensive than P's though. For £900 you might be able to get a MIA P bass.
I recommend a MIA Fender P-Bass, i got mine for £675. The music man stingray is probably a little out of your price range at about £1000 and i would still say P-Bass for a real punk tone.
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Guys have the idea already (p-bass or stingray), if you can afford a stingray I say go for it but if not, you wont go wrong with an MIA Precision.
+1 to all of the above except the guy who said warwick.

personally i don't think they have the feel for punk rock

alternatively you could look into a mia jazz bass and stick duncan 1/4 pounders in it, that held me through my punk band
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This is why I love my Bass! It is an old P Bass clone I took the pickup out of. Some routering and 115$ later I now have a Duncan Reissue Musicman pickup in the middle position where the P Bass pickup was! (No it is not a neck position. A TRUE neck position Bass pickup is in Billy Sheehans bass)

But yes, I say go for the P Bass or a Musicman with a middle pickup. I dunno if the Musicman will be thick enough for punk.... I mean yes the pickup is one humongus tone monster, but it is simply the bridge position I don't really trust.

Also: cheaper Musicmans! http://www.olpguitars.com/olp_basses/musicman/mm2bass.htm
They are pretty cheap. And I have played one. They ain't half bad.

Concidering that you have $900, I woudl suggest that you shoudl get the cheaper stingray, MAYBE replace the pickup with a Duncan Basslines overwound reissue Musicman, and spend the rest in a new amp!

Remember, when getting that awesome rig, only half the challenge is getting a sweet Bass! You cna spend up to 10G on that kickass Bass and it will still sound like shit through your 10W Behringer practice amp. :P
Get a P Bass and then spend the rest on a nice amp.
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Musicman Bongo HH - Amazing bass however its slightly about your price range but it is possible to find it for cheaper, I saw it for £909 in january So it can be in your price range if your willing to wait for a sale
Warwick Jazzman
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