how does john mayer do that up sweeping kind of technique
it loks as if he uses his thumb

check out john mayer at cross roads video
he said "JJ Johnson"
That's probably triple stops he's playing and using his thumb to fret the low E. I never noticed him doing it before.
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People don't like Dave Mustaine because he created something that owned Metallica in just about every single aspect of thrash metal.

it's true
its also on that part " i got a cool idea, let me feel it out, stick with me" or soemthing like that

how do you do triple stops
john mayer is an amazing guitarist
yea, the beginning of that vid is awesome as well.. and I second that he is an amazing guitarist
well he is an amazing guitarist
but i really want to know how to do that sweeping kinda stuff
or like any of those techniques

like really bad
anyone know how?
or who uses them?