I only have 3 points with 100% feedback, thats just because I only buy shit once in a while.

Maybe he's new and just getting his points
Everybody's got to start somewhere.

If he's got 100% feed back, then I doubt you'll have a problem. If he doesn't send you the item you can always report him to ebay, although I don't know what they'll do.

I've only got 8 points on ebay, but 100% positive feedback. I've been on ebay for a long time, but rarely buy\sell stuff. Doesn't mean you shouldn't buy from me though.
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i would say so, it could just be a normal person who occasionally uses ebay. if you pay usingpaypal, you can file a claim and get your money back if the item never turns up

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It’s safe with penpal... I know some peeps in china set up a few accounts and pretend to buy from each other and give them self good feed back and then they ask you to send there money by western union and that they can not deal with penpal because there from china what not ... and screw ya. That’s bullshit you can use penpal in china because I have bought lots of video/TV series what not from china and used penpal.
I’ve received everything that I bought from EBay... but I used all safe methods of payment... That is the most important thing... not so much as if he has 3 or 10 good feed back
jeez, man ppl have to start somewhere on the site, i only started using ebay like january and i only sittin on like 5 points what does it matter i would be weary if he had no points but if they have any points i dont mind, just look at his feedback and see for yourself your worrying too much.
I've bought from someone with (7) feedback all positive (100%). I think it depends on the item in question. If it was something very expensive, there'd be trepidation in whether to buy from someone with such a lack of experience with eBay, but if it's just a Game, CD or something of the like then it's fine.
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ok, I bought a cellphone from this guy, we had communication everyday after the buy until I deposited him the money (using paypal. It was like 4 days ago), this makes me worry. How's the thing with paypal to get my money back?
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Because I dont see any good reason why anyone would sell a perfectly good phone on eBay...

Unwanted upgrade?


Found cheap on a site and is trying to sell it for profit?

any of those do :-)?

Dont rely on paypal to get your money back if they dont deliver, ebay may give you some of it back but paypal are useless. When i disputed a non delivery with them the guy didn;t respond so i had to wait 10 days to win, I won but by this time the guy had eptied his account. Just be carefull, dont buy expensive stuff from 0 feedback. That will lead to serious pwnage. of yourself.
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Yeah, i think everyone explained it pretty well. You gotta watch out for people from other countries who only allow Western union, also, people who sell a few small priced items, and then suddenly start selling, like 30 iPods or whatever.

Since hes contacted you and said that the phone is on its way, i think you'll be safe .

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It’s safe with penpal...

Okay....... What is this "penpal" you keep referring to? Is it similar to Paypal?
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