I have been looking around everywhere but getting mixed reviews which leaves me more confused than i was at the begining. The Celestions i gained interest in were 60 watts, but my amp is a 30 watt amp as so this wouldn't work right?
Also i'm looking for a heavy heavy metal tone and i am not sure if Celestion should be my number one choice. I was checking out the 10 inch tube speaker but that too is 60 watts.

ANY help at all is very much appreciated,

Thanks very much.

Your amp will push a 60 watt speaker just fine. It will actually make the amp a bit louder than before. Honestly I would advise putting a Celestion Blue in the thing to really make it boogie, however a vintage 30 would also sound good. As far as making it a heavy metal machine, I would advise looking into a good distortion unit and maybe a graffic EQ. Good luck.
Thanks for your reply mate, but i just attempted to put in a 12 inch celestion vintage 30, but there was no way this was going to fit into this amp, the speaker is huge, pity i was really looking forward to hearing the difference as the stock VOX speaker is cheap and nasty.

Thanks for your info i'll looking into it. As for distortion i can't find a distortion pedal that works so well with this amp, i am about to change the tube out for a JJ EC883 12ax7 and hopefully the speaker then i'll see what happens. I am currently using th Kerry King 10 band eq which makes a good difference.
maybe they dont make a 10" blue^ not sure.

i bought a couple of weber speakers for my rig. they are handmade, didnt come in yet. but i guess i just didnt want a Vintage 30.

eminence makes some nice speakers for the money too.

dont worry about the higher watt ratings. just make sure u match the ohms. and inches across the face.

for 10" u can check out the g10 celestion.

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