ShaQ, Farhill and Bosch proudly present the “Online Jam Venture”:


Intro: Bosch
Loop1: Bosch
Loop 2: ShaQ
Loop 3: Farhill
Loop 4: Bosch
Loop 5: ShaQ
Loop 6: Farhill
Loop 7: Bosch (Guitar/Vocal *ode to Shawn Lane*)
Loop 8: Farhill
Outtro: Shaq/Kant

Intense FUN recording this piece ó beef with eachother. Hope you enjoy!

[ShaQ Farhill Bosch]

Charvel San Dimas IV - Jackson SL2 TBP 8/12 - Charvel 750 XL Lane

Visit: Bosch Racing

The task for the years that followed was delineated as sharply as possible. We are the first to possess the yardstick for "truths," We are the first that are able to decide. Just as if a second consciousness had grown in us, just as if the "will" had kindled a light for itself in us over the inclined path, on which it went down so far ... The askew path—that was what they called the way to "truth." ... It is all over with all "dark aspiration," precisely the good man was least aware of the right way ... And in all seriousness, nobody before us knew the right way, the way up: only beginning with us are there hopes again, tasks, prescribed ways for culture—of which we are the joyful ambassador ... Thus we are also a destiny. —
Not shabby - I liked that one sweep in the beginning. I would like to hear more sweeping/tapping, though. It's not as shred as I expected it to be, but it's also not as pentatonicy. I liked the running fast lines best. Some of the more "melodic" if you could call it that was a little boring, but the shredding parts were good. I think if you shredded more it would be cool. Some strange notes were hit, but some actually worked quite nicely as passing tones. I think this is good, but it could be better if it had more sweeping/tapping/whammy bar tricks because that is what charvels are made for. Good job though - Shred more! Keep it up. Mind critting mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=522091