I've seen an amp that comes with a pedal with some channels and you just set how you wan't the amp to sound with every channel, it's the line 6 spider II if I'm not mistaken. I wan't a pedal like this, does it exist or is it only for that amp?
do footswitchs not have settings it self?, only channels?

what's the big difference between them? cause I googled footswitch and got prices on a wide price range.

sorry for the dumb questions, I don't know much about gear.
A pedal adds a sound or somehow changes the tone of the guitar/amp. A footswitch simply turns parts of the amp on or off. So an amp must be capable of doing something for the footswitch to work.
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You meen like customizing your own presets?
Such has having a chorus effect + particular amp model etc. on one chanel, then some delay and overdrive instantly as you switch over to another?

As far as I know there's a few, IE vox tonelab, floor pod etc etc..
all I want is something that lets you set different configurations of the settings of the amp to footswitchs, so you can push a footswitch and the settings of the amp change to the configuration you set before.

Those models you mentioned seem to have alot more features, making the price goes up. I just wan't something simple, does it even exist? it should
unless you buy a digital modelling amp, the most you're gonna get is channel switching, reverb, and effects loop on/off.
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Sounds like you want a mfx procsessor. The only other thing would be a footswitch which would switch between the channels of your amp such as clean, gain, lead, etc.