Poll: Which distortion is for me the best choice?
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Digitech Metal Master
3 12%
Electro Harmonix Metal Muff
15 60%
Line 6 Uber Metal
3 12%
Boss Metal Zone
4 16%
Voters: 25.
Ok, a few days ago I started a topic about a distortion pedal I want to buy. After one day, it was already dead. I will give it another try with a poll this time. So I want to buy a distortion pedal for heavy metal ( for rhythm and solo guitar!). I play things like Metallica, Iron Maiden,... I use an Ibanez RG370DX with a Line 6 Spider II (15W). If you have other suggestions than the choices above, please tell them.


metal muff all the way
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You don't really need much more distortion with the Spider II, save up for a new amp. Anyway, the metal muff is pretty good but more fuzz then distortion
This is not the first time I hear that I have to buy a new amp. My line 6 amp isn't that bad, but the distortion is a bit to sharp and sometimes to digital. So I thought that if I would buy a good distortion pedal, I could switch off the distortion of my amp.
I haven't enough money to buy an amp.

Maybe you should try an EQ pedal. The pedals you listed suck, the only one that I was somewhat impressed with was the Metal Master and the Uber Metal. Still, neither of them are that great. The Metal Master isn't that bad, a bit too nasally, but not that bad. The Uber metal has a pretty big range, but you can't get away from that tin can sound. The Metal Zone... just do a search for it. The Metal Muff, I still don't see why people think it's so great. It's your typical 'metal' pedal, nasally, thin, and sounds like you're playing through a tin can. It does have less gain to cover up slop, which the Metal Zone, Uber Metal, and Metal Master have plenty of.
Did you just search for distortion pedals with metal in the name? Seriously, save up for a new amp. It'll be worth it.
No, I didn't search for pedal with Metal in the name. I have been searching a long time before I made this poll.
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Get a new amp first.


New amp dude
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Everyone seems to be being very harsh but honestly their correct. Ive owned the spider as my first amp and still use it for practice. A distortion pedal will still make it sound digital even if your running it through the clean channel. It might even make it sound worse. Try messing with the settings a bit, and waiting the long haul to get a tube amp. You could get a tube combo for like $800. If you dont feel like following this advice, get the Metal muff, but a digital amp like that wont take pedals too well. I dont think the Line 6 spiders get enough credit, their decent practice amps, I still use mine for rehearsing and practice, just work with the eq, mess around with it a bit till you find a setting you like, and start saving up money

new amp..

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Ok, thank you guys to prevent me throwing away money. I will do nothing and look out for a new amp (in a certain future). A tube amp is too expensive, but I think there also enough solid-state amps that are also better than my Line 6.

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Maybe you should try an EQ pedal.


That's something you could also use with a future rig, so you're not throwing away money.
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You don't really need much more distortion with the Spider II, save up for a new amp. Anyway, the metal muff is pretty good but more fuzz then distortion

wtf are you talking about?

and get a new amp first.