hey, i need sum advice from pros...shud i swear at a gig wen my parents r there, cuz idk the consequences but yea...simple yes or no.
you mean swear during singing?

of course.. dont change the songs just cause your parents are there. have some balls.. unless theyre amish theyve prolly heard and said those words before. words are words.. they dont hurt no one... unless of course the words are "Ready, Aim... FIRE!"

but if your just talkin about swearing on stage between songs, im sure you can go without this time.
If they're part of the lyrics, then I guess so, yeah.

But when you're talking, or it's not nessecary, don't swear simply because you can; it just comes across as immature and makes you seem inarticulate. Unless of course you're going on a late-80s Bono-esque rant, in which case get carried away in the passion of the cause and resort to profanity if it's going to help you drill your point home loud and clear.
If it's in a song, I would generally say yes. However if it's reallly horrible (more then hell, shit, damn, maybe ****), I'd use your judgment a little. Overall though, I doubt it's a big deal. How old are you, by the way?
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if you're the kind of person who would swear anyway, as in not to just look cool, you wouldn't be asking this question.

Don't try to look like a hard bastard if you aren't. i can guarantee that when you swear in a sentence the word will come out softer a little because you'll be worrying, and it'll make you look like a twat.
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I say do it. I mean, I do it and my parents are completely fine with it. Make sure whereever you're playing (the venue) is okay with profanity, though. Some don't tolerate it.

This reminds me. My friend's mom told him that the next time he swears onstage, she's going to go up there and pull him off.



if its in the lyrics, yer - but if you are going to swear while talking to the crowd, i'd say no, it's just not necessary.
be brave and swear, your parents won't care if it is in the song

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Don't swear on stage as banter

It makes you look like a right immature bastard

GiantRaven and I would probably get along well working together. We share a lot of the same beliefs.

Side note: I was in a band once that wrote a lot of original material, but we never once used profanity in our lyrics. It wasn't intentional, it just happened that way. We earned respect this way and it made ourselves more assessible. We once had a civic organization we were to play at request lyrics from each band. This could have been a monitoring system, but they also explained they wanted to print some of the lyrics up for a pamphlet they were making for the event.

Don't go overboard as well. In my cover band, we once played my hometown where people are more conservative. We were playing at the bar we worked at and closed with Killing in the Name of by Rage against the Machine. Although my boss and the crowd loved us, my boss later complained to me that she wasn't too fond of all the cussing and loud music towards the end. (She's in her 30's and into alternative rock) But the lessons remain the same. Know your audience, but remember after all ... it's YOUR music.
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alrite, thanx. and ive noticed theres always one smart ass remark i get wenever i aska question...yea it was in a song, and im inexperienced so i wanted to know, its our first live show, so i wudnt know, and im 15. and HOLY SHIT dutch apples, were doing a rage cover too, the same 1 as u guys in fact, thats 1 main reason y i made this thread.
^if you're worrying about a word in a song, are you sure it's a wise idea to do a song where you have to yell "**** you i won't do what you tell me" at the crowd (including yuor parent or whatever?)

if you pull it off, it'll be awsome. If you chicken out at the last minute, it'll suck. Hopefully you're doing the song later in the set, when you're warmed up and going strong.
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i think he wants to dream theater to be considered more metal, so he dyed his beard.


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Lmfao, this is the best thread ever, aside from the fact that it involves a girl being harpooned through a tent.
"**** you i won't do what you tell me" x16 - if you can pull off the whole anger thing it would be cool.
dude, cuss all you want. get your parents pumped up and moshing with everyone else!


just picture that, man.

dad: "F*** yeah, this is sweet!"
mom: "F*** yeah!!!!!!!!!!!" *PUNCH*
dad falls over
dad: "WOOOOO! F*** yeah!"

oh my god... hahahaha

seriously, though, its your gig. your music, your damn crowd. your parents are just there. if you ever make it huge, they will probly have concert dvds and you will probly cuss in them. dont worry about it.


grandma: "F*** YEAH! WOOOOOOOO!" *PUNCH*
mom falls over

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Yea, if it's in the song there's no need to worry. Your parents wont get mad at you if they support your music.
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man i had the mouth of a sailor when i played my first gig, and my parents were there. my mom even turned to my bassists mom, whos kind of a witch, and sais "their ****ing aweosme eh?" i laughed my ass off. but yeha my parenst were cool with it, aslong as i didt swear when i wasnt on stage lol
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Swearing isn't that cool anymore. What you should do right before you start playing is, get your bassist and drummer to start hitting some repetitive fill, then start chanting..


That'll make you cool.

Now go, and do not fail.
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Yeah my band does that song, and we help our singer get pumped for it by pissing him off any way we can. Plus its just fun to pick on him
Don't worry about swearing at gigs in front of your parents. We all swear, and if the song needs it, then so be it. No sweat man, swear your heart out.
I swore twice in the banter of my first gig. I remember it was twice because it was infront of my friends parents :p they didn't mind.

Its fine to swear on stage if you ask me as long as its not childish and retarded. For an example of pointless swearing like this, watch slipknot live :p