I just got a new x box from my friend for 50 bucks! I know it has a hard drive, how do I download videos, games music to it, is there a certain website to go to? Can I download wmp files??? give me the basics please!!!!!!!!!! Thanx!!
360? regular? Xbox marketplace, that online store thing, or hook your ipod/mp3 up to it.

edit: does he have Regular xbox? If he does than i 2nd dobzilla.
you need to by a modded xbox for downloading games...its illlegal you know right? and they can get pricy and hard to find. But they are pretty cool, a buddy of mine had one.
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mod it. then you can put w/e the F you want on it. and its not expesive if you do it yourself.

do some research.
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You can rip songs of a CD onto it to listen to music whle playing on games, but thats about it.

Im getting a 360 tomorow with Gears Of War and Oblivion :-).
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I'd go with Krazie's Softmod Installer Deluxe.


You'l need to buy Acton Replay for the Xbox, unless you have a friend with a modded Xbox, you'll need one of the followign three games - Splinter Cell/Mech Assault/007 Nightfire.

PM for more details.

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