okay, so me and 2 friends maybe are going to start a "3-guitar band", so just three guitars.
1.do you think it will work good with just guitars?
2.any good songs we could cover?

btw, we all three got strats hehe
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i ran into a band with 3 guitarists and no bassist. was not impressed. if you got a bassist, go for it. but more is not always better.
I'm not sure if it will "work good"... it might work well though...

Methinks somebody should play bass and you should find a drummer.
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yeah, but this is ONLY three guitars, a guitar trio
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I'm in a band with three guitarists, no bass player, and a drum machine because no one can play them around here and we sound pretty kick@ss. but we really need a drummer lol One of my friends has a seven stringer and the rest of us have sixers. one strat lol. well when we started, me and one of my friends had a First Act strat copy thing (not sure about the name) and my other friend had his strat. and but yea it can work you just gotta beleive in yourself lol
I am currently in a band with 3 guitarists, but we also have a drummer, and one of the guitarists also plays bass. You need drums and bass (imo) to keep a band tight and also provide a range of audio frequencies for a listener not provided by guitars, which will subconsciously lead to a 'better' sound.
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Try Iron Maiden songs.



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I know an awesome band with three guitarists. Two words, my friend. Hawthorne Heights.

It can work and it can suck ass for you. It all depends on the style of music you're playing.
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Or some Vai if you're good enough. I'd love to hear a Dying Day cover.
Get a drummer and you could cover some Electro Quarterstaff. They're an instrumental metal band with three guitarists.
It's gonna sound like crap unless you're all really good and you're playing Vai or Explosions in the Sky type stuff or something.
first of all, pearl jam rocks man

second, you really need a bass player and a drummer
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You could do something quite interesting by having one of the guys become a bassist and another use a baritone. Then you need a drummer and you could be doing something pretty sweet.
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we have actually found a drummer,basist and keyboardist
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seriously get a singer a bassist and a drummer and you will have a good lineup, and hopefully will sound tight and will sound like a good band.

hope it all goes well cause 3 guitarist bands aren't that common, well not ones that are any good.

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That kinda thing only works if you play classical, jazz or latin, or something like that. Everything else needs bass and drums. Also, in my experience, more than 2 guitars doesn't work too well.
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i dont think its a good idea..
3 guitarist is fine if u have a bass player and drummer
my friends are in a band with 3 guitarist and they sound good but they also have a drummer and bass player...they are a must
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we have actually found a drummer,basist and keyboardist

have a guy concentrate on singing then
three guitars is totaly overkill and people will just say "iron maiden clones" etc also there will be a clash of egos and youll all be trying to solo or be louder than the other members etc, one guitarist is best but two can also be sweet as long as both members are truly honest with each other and generous but three becomes to many and can start to get in the way ect.
2 guitarists playing together is tricky enough, three is a nightmare unless you're a)incredibly accomplished or b) have set roles. For a look at Iron Maiden, three guitarists, but three shit-hot guitarists who know their material like the back of their hands. For set roles, look at Lynyrd Skynyrd...effectively there's a rhythm player, a lead player and a slide player. They alternate somewhat, but everyone knows exactly what they should be doing and, more importantly, what everyone else is doing.

have a guy concentrate on singing then

Best suggestion yet, singing and playing is tricky, so one person can sing and play simple backing chords or something.
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Check out the California Guitar Trio.

IMO, for a setup like yours, you should play more classical or light stuff, which might not appeal to everyone.
I think it would work if you guys could do some nasty effects and sick harmonics. You might need a drum machine.
3 guitar band don't work, volume wars, fights over solos. thats why my last band broke up.