1, Unplugged
2, Incesticide
3, Bleach
4, In Utero
5, Nevermind

Incesticide is their best full album IMO. It gone so underrated after the very overrated Nevermind. Unplugged tho was hands down their best, but it wasn't one of their studio recorded albums.
1, Unplugged, Incesticide, Bleach, Nevermind, In Utero

They are all good
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my my you are getting around with the thread starting.

i must agree that unplugged is the best album though

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Yes indeed. Unplugged was a masterpiece. It was better than many other singers/bands Unplugged releases back at that time. Claptons was good tho.
1.) In Utero
2.) Unplugged
3.) Bleach
4.) Nevermind
5.) Incesticide

Just my personal opinion.
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1) Unplugged
2) In Utero
3) Bleach
4) Incesticide
5) Nevermind

I never got into Incesticide that much. That being said - both is and Nevermind are still excellent albums.