For the love of God, I can get the first three strings right, but the G,B, and E strings are killing me. I just cannot get the right sound out of it. I must be doing something wrong.

Can anyone post just a basic walkthrough of dropping to C.

Any help would be great. Thanks a lot.
Well, buying a chromatic tuner would help out a lot, but if you wanna learn how to do it, I can try to help you out.

Alright, I take it you know how to tune to Drop D using the 7th fret on E to open A. Take the 7th fret on A and tune it to open D(4th string...or if you did it right, sixth string will work, I suppose). Do this to every string except for G, which I think you need to tune the 6th fret on G to open B.

Once you've got the whole guitar a step down, tune 7th fret sixth string (D) to open G(5th string).
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you guys are confusing the little fella, just tune to D, and drop your E string down so its the same as your D string only an octave lower
D standard tuning with the low string a C instead of D
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ok you have your guitar in standard tuning.....then your drop "D" the low e string. then just tune the other strings to that D as if u were tuning normally then after just drop the D to C
but if you cant do it like that just go here http://www.guitarforbeginners.com/onlinetuner.html

and just tune it to the second fret like "G" string for example put your finder on the second fret of "G" and tune it until it matches the sound.... this is how i tune drop c
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