Hello all.

So, like an idiot I decided to play my bass through my guitar amp (Fender Hot Rod Deluxe tube amp) and it doesn't seem to want to make a sound. At first I thought the speaker was blown, but wouldn't it make a crackling sound? No sound at all is coming from the amp. The fuse is fine, the tubes are in perfect working order...the amp turns on flawlessly but there's no sound.

Any suggestions about what I could do to fix it myself before bringing it to a repair shop?
I think it is the speaker. The reason you don't play bass through a guitar amp is that the speaker can't handle the ridiculously low frequencies.
Grab a 9v battery, and touch the poles on the speaker(s) with it. If they aren't completely dead, you should hear a 'pop'.

If you do hear a 'pop', there might be another problem.
The poles are the positive and negative tabs coming off the speakers, where the wires are attached. Do not turn on your amp; you will be powering the speaker with the battery.
I don't hear a pop, but I saw a spark and it scared the living bejesus out of me lol..

Is it safe to do this? And how long should I hold the battery on the poles?
Wtf? Immediately when it touches the poles, you should hear a relatively loud pop.

Did you manage to short the battery or something?

All you're doing is feeding some current into the speaker, like the amplifier normally does.
The battery didn't short..I put it against the poles again and it sparked again. Blue/red sparks. I'll try and plug the guitar in to see if it may have charged it a bit.
have you tried it with another guitar? Oh, and is the volume on your guitar turned up? (I've done that before....)
lol. Yes. I've tried with my guitar, acoustic electric and the bass for good measure (heh. puns.)

And yeah, the knobs on the guitar and amp are up.
Still, I hear no popping but the poles do spark slightly as I hold the 9V against them which means there's SOME power going to them.

I think the speaker is just blown. Just need confirmation of it before I go to the repair shop.
Just to be sure: is the amplifier switched on when you do this? Maybe you should even unplug the speaker (I can do in my amp fine without unplugging, but give it a go).