Ive started to learn guitar (acoustic at the moment) and have so far learnt the main parts of smoke on the water and wild thing.

So what should I learn next that would be slighty harder than both these songs?

Try some nice acoustic songs by the Beatles & Pink Floyd.

Wish you Were Here by Floyd
Some Eva Cassidy acoustic gear.

Gets you used to positioning and suchlike.
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Any crap nirvana ever did is easy. I'd say go with that. If you know a power chord you can pretty much play anything they ever did.ever.
Learn the rest of them. It's good training to actually play them all the way trough, and not just learning the main riff of both of them, because that's practially no more than 3-4 chords in succession per song, not really much at all.

Learn both songs, all the way through, and make sure it's correct and flows. Then learn a couple of other songs, slightly more complex than these two. You can also give the leads a try if you want.
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RUN CHROMATICS (1,2,3,4 fret/finger, then move up tot he next string. Once you've done all six strings up and down, move it up a fret and keep repeating until you've hit the top of th eneck, then come back down. Boring but very beneficial.)
Just pick some songs you like, remember to take it slowly and have fun. I believe that when starting guitar the most important thing is to enjoy it, lots of people want to progress very quickly and end up disgusted..
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I really like Yes for acoustic (meet all good people, mood for a day). Got alot of meet all good people down and am going to start messing with mood for a day. Another one that's on my list is Uncle Toms cabin by Warrant (cherry pie cd). I'm using a Dean electric, but it has a pretty clean sound for trying acoustic and with effects i'll be able to switch to the harder sound. Hope I can pull it off, but it will be fun trying.
Try House of the Rising Sun
easy song to learn that is also fairly easy to play in several different keys
great practice for switching from one chord to another
Am C D F and E or
Em G A C and B
Main thing is just have fun!!!
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