I'm a North Carolina Guitarist seeking desperately to play in a band. i play all forms of rock and different forms of folk. I'll be happy to give you a cell phone number to call and contact me with so you can hear a bit of my playing. i'm 16 and I prefer to be called Johnny. I would like to find people that would not mind playing Emo/Screamo, Punk, Metal, Thrash...any of that.

I would like to find people open to playing Coheed And Cambria covers and Coheed and Cambria-esque music. As well as My Chemical Romance type music.... but based more on guitar than screaming about cutting yourself.... that was a joke so people wouldn't get on to me for the whole emo thing...heh heh....

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Based in Boone, N.C. which is in the mountains
Hey, i lived in Asheville NC in the mountains my whole life but recently moved. I live closer to Charlotte now, im 18, and my interest is Acoustic Rock. Im not quite sure your criteria fits mine exactly as you can see, but it's cool to atleast see a fellow carolinian that lives in the mountains =)