I wanna buy a good acoustic but for a good price. If anyone could give me brands with good acoustics. Price range 300-500$. I live in winnipeg if that helps a bit.
check the which acoustic thread out. its long. and its boring. but you might get lucky. other than that... i dunno really. i own a few acoustics, in your price range i own a Freshman.


but thats electro, is that what you want? or can you give us any more details?
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Take a look at Blueridge guitars ... awesome guitars for the money.
check out Seagull Guitars. don't be fooled by the price tag, they're sick guitars
Taylor 110 sounds pretty damn nice, and its about 500? i dont remember but something like that
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I'd suggest either a Takamine or Seagull. Both very good quality for a very decent price. I just recently bought a 12-string acoustic Takamine, and I couldn't be happier.
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A Yamaha FG750s is a very good choice.. I have one and I think they cost around $400
Yamaha FG730s' or FG735s' are also great.

Just depends on the sound you want. The 730s' and 735s' have rosewood back and sides so they are a little brighter. The 750s' have Sycamore back and sides so they're a little mellower. Both sound great. I have the FG735s and I absolutely love it. Great Treble, Great Mid, Great Bass. Bright enough to have great attack but completely balanced out with the bass end.
ive got a Fender DG-10CE and i love it. I think i got it for about $300. It sounds good, got a nice, smooth neck, its held up good too. the only problems ive had with it were ones cause by myself.
Seagull are by far the best acoustic guitar you can buy in that price range. You won't regret it.
Go for a cort IMO.

I got one between 500-600 and it is really good for the price.

They have a few under 500 aswell i think.
My acoustic is a Seagull M6. It's $500 on musiciansfriend, and worth it too. But I got mine for $400 at a music store going out of business. (Correct me if I'm wrong, price might've dropped on musiciansfriend, I'm too lazy to link it...)