well i obviously didnt create it but if u load your amp with distortion and delay and hammeron and pull off somewhere while dragging your hand up the strings hitting every harmonic on the way up it sounds pretty cool
hmm well i do artificial harmonics with my pinky

and i can play chords by tapping each notes respective harmonic for a cool harp like sound...

feel free to steal those i guess
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you are my new hero cause i do the exact same thing but i suck at it

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Techniques aren't so easy to "come up with" these days, as people have more than likely did it before since guitar has been going quite a while indeed. Unless of course you mean like, using a combo of effecs, then doing something weird on the guitar ti create new "sounds", then yes it would be possible to come up with new stuff. But regarding things like hammer-ons, tapping, sweeping etc, very rarely can you invent a new technique.
when u say with your pinky do u mean tapping the harmonic down by the p/us with your pinky? or just the note your playing happens wot be with ure pinky
When I turn my Marshall ministack all the way up and put it a few inches from my pickups on my strat I can get a cool ambulance sound by flicking my pickup selector, and if i'm careful enough about it I can make it sound like a mock theremin by adjusting the tone and volume knobs with one hand and the pickup selector with the other.

Like everyone else said, its probably (definitely) been done before, and I can't get much melodic out of it, but its fun to do.
1) Get guitar with floyd rose
2) get a bottleneck slide or a copper slide
3) set the action really high
4) Mess around with it, you can get these crazzy noises
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well, i can make a really cool sound effect. I take my pick and slide it in a certain way near the bridge and it sounds like the devil laughing.
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