Okay so Im due for a new guitar soon and I have started shopping. I was looking at Carvin and PRS (my teacher is a huge Carvin fan, and his carvins rock), but I just hate the inlays they have and I dont want another dot inlay. The best looking ones I have ever seen is the schecter vine of life one, it just looks awesome! But i don't really like how schecters play, you guys know any other guitar brands with good looking inlays? (And quality guitars of course)
Um, Custom?? I'm pretty sure you can have Carvin do it if you ask nicely. If not then probably a JEM, cause their the only other guitar I've seen the vines on...
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Well with Carvins you can have

Block Inlays
or Diamond Inlays
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Yeah Ibanez Jems.. Which are the Steve Vai signature. Look great but I never played one before
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