I recently put burstbucker 1(N) and 2(B) in my ibanez sz 720. I have 10-52 strings on it, and i run it all into a marstall tsl 100 half stack. I have noticed that i lose some definition in my chords(between strings) since i changed pickups. The pickups came with the adjustment screws for each string at a neutral setting. should i send my guitar to a tech, and have him setup the pickups properly. I have tried different settings(eq), channels, and even guitars(i have an epiphone les paul), so i know its not the amp. Can anyone tell me is it worth getting the pickups adjusted?
the original pickups that were in your ibanez probably had better chord definition than the burstbucker. If you want more chord definition either switch your old pickup back in or look into something other than the burstbucker
I'd play with the pickup height before I started playing with the pole pieces personally.
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What is the DC resistance of the burst bucker? I did a quick google and couldn't find it. The higher the DC resistance the more muddy the pickup will sound. The lower the gauss the more muddy the pickup will sound. If the pickup is too close to the string it will sound muddy. Some people think covers make the pickups sound muddy. Just some thoughts.
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Change the height of the pickup. It's gernerally better to have pickup closer to the high strings and farther from the low strings, due to the lower strings having a higher frequency, therefore being able to travel farther with more power. You can also adjust your tone by adjusting the pickup height... theres an article on it in Guitar One, but I'm not gonna scan it cause my scanner is gay.