i took a suggestion of getting a new amp instead of new pickups. im wondering will the Radio Shack MPS-50 Amplifier sound better than my behringer v-tone II? the radio shack is 50 watt, while my behringers only 15. and the radio shack is cheap from a friend, 10 bucks if i drop the debts he owes me(9 bucks) and help him pass in this one class. should i get it? any opinions?
It probably won't sound much better; but at a price like that, I'd take it anyway.
I think Behringer might be superior to Radio Shack...
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There are reviews here. I, personally, wouldn't waste my money on a Radio Shack amp. It's no step up from the Behringer.
It will almost definitely sound like crap but you might be able to get a nice lo-fi sound out of it.
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