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My thoughts
all passively whisper,
in assonant voices,
your long omitted name.
As they resonate in my ears,
my eyes pencil in details
of your suppressed face.
They are 2-d,shallow, like you;
forming a silhouette
falling into the crest
where you used to remain,
dreaming, so near to me.
So near, i could almost taste
the cherry scent of your lips


I'm on my knees creating
painfully detailed designs
in the sand with my blood.
Then I feel the waves
hitting my feet,
all my hard work will
be taken by the tide.
I turn and look at the pier,
it's too bad the bats are blind.
But I still try to ask them,
what do the numbers mean?
The blue has deeper meaning, I like it more.
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ORANGE! holy moly, that looks like the basis for a great concept album.
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