i probably wont since the first one sucked so bad and seuqals are usually worse
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They're making a second one?!

Oh no...
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dear god, the first one was dire enough, do they really have to torment the public with a second one? i mean what actually happened in the first, it had less plot than an episode of family guy.
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I thought the first one was crap. The makeup and gore was good, but the plot was lame in my opinion. Nothing really happened except people getting killed by a bunch of mutants. I'm not gonna see the second one.
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I love how they gave the entire movie away in the trailer...

I might see it thought, one way or another
Well...first I have to watch the first one...

then sure, I'm a huge fan of horror movies.
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why call it The Hills Have Eyes 2? Kind of a bad name. Shoulsn't it be called The Hills Have Eyes Again or The Hills Have Eyes With Glasses Now?
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The Hills Have Eyes With Glasses Now?

They should just call it The Hills Have Eyes: Resurrection as a last-ditch attempt to make it as cliché as possible.
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Honestly I'd gouge my eyes out before I see the second one.
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I loved the first one. I thought I was the only one who had even heard of it.
Briliant movie but I felt you really have appreciate how cheesy horror movies were in that decade to enjoy it.
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