I've gotta pick up a delay pedal for an upcoming gig. Any recommendations? I'm looking for something under $150 Canadian. The cheapest I found was a Boss pedal for $125.
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line 6 echo park, if you can stretch a bit.
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i got my boss giga delay, dd-20 for $150 us on ebay. it like every boss delay pedal combined + some extras. works great for me, great sound, good tone, lots of options
yeah I have the boss dd-6, i thin k that the boss ones are the best to be honest, ive messed around with a few
I'd recommend the Marshall Echohead over any Boss box (save for maybe the DD-20, but then you might as well get the Line6 DL-4), and it's right in your price range as well.
DD-20 Gigadelay is the greatest digital of all time

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