We are a classic/alternative based rock band from northeast philadelphia(holmesburg/mayfair). We Usually practice monday tuesday and saturday if you cant make atleast 2 of those days dont bother Practice area is around the corner form father judge highschool. Were Looking For a singer with talent and the will to get better. Were looking for someone good voice that has alot of range. If you play an instrument its good but it doesnt mater if you cant. It would be good if you had your own gear(mic pa/amp). but not neccessary. We are all 15(Guitarist,Drummer,Bassist)

some influences...Ac/dc Led Zeppelin The Rolling Stones The Who Jimi Hendrix Nirvana Stone Temple Pilots Kiss the Kinks Jet Wolfmother John Mayer Pink Floyd Queen Foo Fighters Nirvana Cream Ramones Clash Velvet Revolver Van Halen Weezer Chuck Berry Little Richard Buckcherry Black Sabbath Beatles Aerosmith The Doors Guns N' Roses Pantera Metallica....in no particular order

Contact me at Pennybags91 on aim or email at philliesphan91@msn.com or Pm me