Okay, I know that this sort of thread has been done but I don't think there has been any recently.

Well, I need some good songs. I know that Gorillaz is a favorite but most of their stuff is too easy. So far the best song I could think of is the intro to Like the Angels by Rise Against but I need more songs to work on. I like punk, rock, and metal (any type). I still can't play slap so please no Flea unless theres no slapping and popping (which is almost always the case).

So what are some good songs?
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i dont know some RHCP like:

Californication, or Snow(hey oh) ..... its pretty easy

Trivum 4 Life
Money, one of the first songs I learned.
Black night by deep purple, paranoid by black sabbath, magnificent seven by the clash
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blood to bleed by rise against
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Tonnes of muse stuff, quite challenging for beginner/intermediate but that's a good thing in my eyes. Try Plug In Baby or Hysteria if you're good enough. Starlight or sunburn or something if you're not...
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anything by feeder

I love them but their bass lines tend to be a bit boring. Try some led zeppelin too, most of their songs have awesome bass lines
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Peaches and Regalia by Frank Zappa. Easy to finger, but hard as hell to play up to speed. It has some really fun syncopation as well.
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blood to bleed by rise against

On Blood to Bleed, how do I play both of the strings at once? Do I just pluck them with separate figures or what?
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Godzilla by blue oyster colt
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what's my age again, it has the most simple but fun bass line. polly by nirvana has a short bass solo which is pretty cool.
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Interpol and The Strokes have a lot of good stuff. Fun to play.
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Thanks Guys

If anyone has some more it would be a lot of help

Right now I am concentrating on Blood to Bleed and My Friend of Misery.
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Green Day - Longview
Green Day - Warning

I like those two basslines...

Jack Johnson - Upside Down has a quite soft and nice bassline aswell, even though it's not very metal. :P
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interstate love song
plush - STP

havana affair- RHCP

EDIT: Wait I was thinking of Lost Wthout You - John Petrucci, I like the bass in that song, and plus it has a little solo as well.
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Everything by Pixies have dead easy bass lines that are dead catchy too.