what is the deal with the marshall 1965 4x10 cabs...are they any good and how would you compare it to a 1960 4x12...other then of course speaker size what else is different and whats up with the 8ohms only
Its just the 4x10 model of a 1960. Of course it will sound different because thats the reason for the 10" speakers. They have a different sound than 12" speakers. The 4x10's are really nicely voiced (better than the 1960A imo) and will give you a unique sound because not alot of people use them. The only reason I use 4x12's is because they don't make any variations to them (e.g. 1960AV, 1960TV, etc), and the regular 1960's and 1965's just don't do it for me.
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