hey ppl, i want to start recording on my pc. I have heard that cubase and logic pro are the best recording programs and sound engineers use those two mainly. I havnt got cubase but i am hoping to get it. I was wondering what i would need to make cubase work (i think i need a specific sound card or something) and also how i would record guitar and vocals?

cubase works with most soundcards try and download a demo and try it out to see if it works pro tools by digidesgin is the leading pro recording software but is quite expensive and only works with digidesign aproved hardware and plugins.
I have a fairly old computer and soundcard and run cubase just fine, You might be limited to the number of tracks you can record at one time from an audio source, i can only do 2 at a time, but for home recording thats usually enough
Instead of a top-line(read big dollar) DAW, why not try something like Kristal, or Audacity. Both of those are free, and while having a lot less features, are simpler to learn, and use. You'll find your recordings are much better when you can use the software properly, and the money you save can go to mics, pre-amp, audio interface, whatever.
I'm currently using Cubase, it's great for recording and mixing. I used Cubase on a crap computer and perfectly (except when the RAM runs out and stops recording). If you have a computer with less than 512 MB, just remember to restart your computer before recording, or it might not record. Pro Tools is great too. Too by I broke my MBox, but Cubase still professional recording. If you're in Canada, you can get it from H2O (Try N' Buy) for free legally, it's full software and you don't HAVE to buy it, there's no trial time, so it'll on your pc forever, but if you're from the United States, go buy it.